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We are looking for Android, iOS and Unity 3D developers. But also a talented server/ database/ backend master.

Sessio Software Ltd is about to recruit new partners for 0,4% - 1,2% sweat equity ownership of the company. We are moving forward with current versions of http://sessio.mobi and http://skyhigh.vc applications and also planning the integrated future version.

Ownership is the only compensation for fulfilling the responsibilities of the partner’s role (defined beforehand in the partnership agreement together with other conditions.) Company is not currently paying salaries or other compensations.

Work is mainly remotely performed using partner’s own devices, premises, time etc. excluding the centralized repository for the code (like Github or Bitbucket) and management platform (like Slack). There will be a limited amount of common meetings at Helsinki.

Next stage is about improving the current existing applications while commercializing them. And following stage is about developing the unified multi-platform version.

Double checking: we are looking for programmers who can join us as partners - not as paid workers. This is a part-time challenge, you can have your standard day job as long as agreed role gets taken care.

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